Book Discussion: Real books vs. Ebooks

Hey book lovers! I hope your week has been going well! I personally have been having a very nice and happy week, although I am exhausted. But what else can you expect from school? 

I’ve been writing a ton of book reviews recently, and while I love reviewing books (it is the reason I started my blog), I decided to mix things up by doing a book discussion. I decided on a hotly debated topic between book lovers: Real books vs. Ebooks.


In seventh grade, I received the best birthday gift I have ever gotten. It was sleek, it was small, but most importantly, it collected books. I’ve had the same Kindle with me since seventh grade, and have never once thought about trading it. After years of packing four or five bulky books with me for vacations, all I needed now was my little Kindle, and I had my entire library with me. After falling in love with my Kindle, I am solidly on Team Ebook.


Don’t get me wrong, I love real books. I totally understand why others love it. Smelling the pages, feeling the cover, physically holding it in your hands as you read. There’s no doubt about it, real books are amazing. I could spend hours in a bookstore, browsing and skimming and just marveling at all the beauty.


Why am I on Team Ebook, though? It is mostly for the convenience. How many times have you finished a book in public, and had no other book with you to read? Or didn’t pack enough books for vacation? Kindles (or E-readers in general) solve all these problems. I have my entire library with me wherever I go. This tends to lead to me rereading books hundreds of times, but this just adds to my love of Ebooks. I now know most of the books I love like the back of my hand. And I’ve come to appreciate other aspects of a Kindle. It tells you how many minutes are left in a book or chapter, so you can plan your time accordingly. You can highlight quotes and access them later. All these things are pluses for the Ebook team. 

So what team are you on? Team Real Book or Team E-book? Let me know in the comments below! 



2 thoughts on “Book Discussion: Real books vs. Ebooks

  1. Marie says:

    I don’t really have a team, as I read and love both my e-reader and my real books. I agree with you about the e-reader being SO practical, I love using it and taking it with me on holidays, it’s so much lighter and you can have many, many books with you. But real books oh…I love them too much just as well ahah, and I love my bookshelves 😀

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    • Sydney @ Fictional Boyfriends says:

      Thanks for the thoughtful response! I totally understand where you are coming from. I love real books too. And organizing my bookshelf is so much fun haha.

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