Rating Descriptions

Instead of a thumbs up and thumbs down rating, I will rate my books with “Fire” and “Rain”.

Fire: 3-5 stars.

Rain: 1-2 stars.

Fire books are the books I would recommend to others. They were enjoyable, hot, fast-paced, has good characters and relationships, etc.

Rain books are books I did not enjoy. They were cooled off, passive, not exciting, or just overall boring.

If you were with me before, you’d notice that I have changed my username from Fictional Boyfriends to Fire and Rain Books, and with that my rating system changed too. I did this so I can be more inclusive of non-romance books, as I realized I was struggling to review books if I liked the book but disliked the romance, or vice versa. This is a more inclusive rating system and theme for my blog, so I hope you enjoy.