Book Review: The Distance Between Us

the-distance-between-usRating: Fire starstarstarstarstar

Back to some good ol’ Kasie West, and I must admit, I was not disappointed. This is her debut novel, but she writes like a pro. This book explores the relationship between the rich and the poor in the classic rich boy falls for poor girl…with a bit of a twist!

Caymen Meyers is poor. She works at the doll store her mom owns, with their little apartment right above it just for the two of them. One day, Xander Spence walks in. He oozes richness, something Caymen hates. But surprisingly, he seems intrigued by her, and after a couple more tries, he finally gets her to open up and they hit it off. Basing their relationship off of “Career Days”, where they each bring the other to learn about a career they think they’ll be good at, they both slowly start to fall for each other. But Xander is the epitome of everything Caymen and her mom hate, so will their relationship survive?

One of the reasons I love Kasie West is because her books are very character driven, not plot driven, so I really feel like I know them and they’re all my friends. The most notable part about Caymen is her sarcasm. 

“Note to self: Caymen is very good at sarcasm.” (Xander)

“If you’re recording notes for an official record, I’d like the word ‘very’ stricken and replaced with ‘exceptionally.’” (Caymen)

Beneath her tough, cynical, sassy exterior, Caymen really has a heart of gold. It’s evident in her relationship with her mom, with her best friend Skye, and with Xander. She is very loyal to those she loves, and will protect them with all she has. She is a very practical person, very observant, but throughout the book we watch her start to embrace her feelings and understand that it’s okay for her to be happy. 

Xander is the ultimate rich boy, but has something special about him that even Skye and her mom recognize. He really doesn’t care about Caymen’s poverty, just her, and their relationship together is perfect. They have the easy banter, but talk to each other about the serious things. And I swear, the first time they kissed…I melted. The passion in that scene, the sweetness, and the love was just so evident it made me feel. I think I cried. 

Of course, every relationship has their obstacles, and Caymen and Xander are no different. For them, it’s Caymen’s mom. She hates rich people with a burning passion. She thinks they are all snobby and immature. I had mixed feelings about Caymen’s mom, because on one hand she really did love Caymen and was a good mom to her. But her inability to see how much Xander meant to Caymen and how much he cared for her, her blindness by his money, really bugged me. Towards the end of the novel we start to learn why, but that doesn’t make me like it any more. 

It is impossible to read The Distance Between Us and not believe in love, and not die from the sweetness. Everything about it, from the writing, to the characters, to the relationships, is perfect. I had so many quotes I wanted to use in this review, but I’ll leave you with my favorite. It was in Caymen and Xander’s make-up scene, and I was grinning like an idiot when I read this quote. 

“Why are you smiling like you’ve won or something?” (Caymen)

“Because you were just sarcastic with me. ‘Don’t screw benefits,’ you said. You’re sarcastic when you’re in a good mood. And if you’re in a good mood then you must not be too incredibly angry with me.” (Xander)

“You and my mom. You think you have my patterns of sarcasm down, huh?” (Caymen)

“Yes.” (Xander)

Have you read this book? What was your favorite scene? Do you have a favorite quote from this novel? Let me know in the comments below!



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