Hiatus Announcement

Hey guys! I know I've been gone for a hot minute, and I've been trying to deny it, but it's time to offically go into hiatus. I've been soooo busy lately with school and work and extracurriculars I haven't even had time to read, much less work on my blog. It's time to make reading … Continue reading Hiatus Announcement

Blog Update+ The Music Book Genre Tag!!!!

HEY EVERYONE. I haven't posted on Sunday in bricks but I am back to posting on Sunday with a very! important! and! exciting! update! Previously I posted book reviews on Tuesdays, Miscellaneous on Thursdays, and Standalone Sunday on...well...Sunday. But after participating in Standalone Sunday for months, it's time to bid that meme adieu. I instead am instituting … Continue reading Blog Update+ The Music Book Genre Tag!!!!