Unpopular Book Opinions Tag

I was tagged by the amazing Nadwa @ Painfully Fictional to do this tag. Everyone go check out her blog, she has the best posts and the cutest graphics, and is so sweet! I am so excited to dish all my unpopular book opinions (muhahahaha) and I hope I don’t offend any of you too much.

A Popular Book or Book Series That You Didn’t Like

10507293When I was in middle school this series was everywhere. People were obsessed with it. I read the first three (?) books in the series before I gave up. The whole plot was love triangle, America was so annoying, and the plot itself was just too reality tv show- fake drama for me.

You have to admit though, the covers are so aesthetically pleasing.

A Popular Book or Book Series That Everyone Else Seems to Hate But You Love

18692431Not that everyone hates this book. But it has a lot of mixed reviews. People either seem to love it or hate it, and it gets a lot of strong opinions. I know some people thought the plot twist was a cop out, and maybe it was a little, but for me it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book. I loved the characters, and the relationships, and the whole writing style, and literally read this in one sitting. So it was an easy five stars from me.

An OTP That You Didn’t Like

Image result for four and tris fan artFour and Tris from the Divergent series. It isn’t exactly that I didn’t like them, I just didn’t feel anything towards them. I was pretty indifferent. I know a lot of people list them as one of their favorite all time ships though.

A Popular Book Genre that You Hardly Reach For

I would say mystery/thriller and poetry. And classic literature. I like the idea of mysteries and thrillers but I’m a bit too much of a wimp for that. As for poetry, I remember when Milk and Honey was the hottest book, and I just didn’t feel any desire to go buy it. I just cannot get into poetry (except Shel Silverstein’s). And for classic literature, I wish I was a literary buff that likes debating Hemingway and Dickinson or whatever, but I would much rather read some modern YA books instead. 

A Popular/Beloved Character That You Did Not Like

I think it is no secret that I really did not like Adam from The Raven Cycle. It took until maybe the third or fourth book to truly like him, but even then, I like all the other characters so much more. I just could not understand the hype and love surrounding him.

Also, it isn’t that I dislike this character, but Kai from The Lunar Chronicles is by far my least favorite character in that series. Except for the fact that I haven’t read Winter yet so those characters are out of the question. And Levana and her evil followers don’t count. Kai is just too good and it’s boring. 

Oh I can’t believe I almost forgot this one. Kaz from Six of Crows. He is admirable, sure, for all those crazy stunts and schemes he can pull off. But the only time he is remotely human is when he is with Inej, and that isn’t enough for me. I’m not saying everyone should go and hate on him, because I don’t even hate him. He has a troubled past so his actions make more sense. But I don’t feel this intense love for him as a lot of other people do.

A Popular Author That You Can’t Seem to Get Into

My answer for this is always John Green. Although I enjoyed Turtles All the Way Down, I did not enjoy TFIOS or An Abundance of Katherines when I was younger, and he doesn’t have this mythical status to me.

A Popular Book Trope That You’re Tired of Seeing

The “I’m a shy/antisocial nerd that everyone always overlooks but once you put a little makeup on me and the right boy looks at me I’m beautiful and witty and popular”. Not every girl is some overlooked shy person that never has gone out. Give me more books about all the real girls: the athletes and the popular people and the artists and the school overachievers and sure, the nerds. And just because a boy looks at someone doesn’t mean they are automatically changed into someone cool. Let them stay themselves. Let the boy love them even if they aren’t witty or charming, but because they are socially awkward and quiet.

A Popular Series That You Have No Interest in Reading


Oops just dropped a lot of bombs on you and you probably all hate me right now because, yes, I just said that I have no interest in reading any of your favorite series. I’m sure they are good, but nothing about them particularly interests me. I’m sure I would like them if someone forced me to read them, but I have no desire to read them over all my other books. Maybe if I finish my TBR pile I’ll read them*.

*So basically never is what I am saying

The Saying Goes “The Book is Always Better Than the Movie”, But What Movie or TV Show Adaptation Do You Prefer More Than The Book?

Wow funny you should mention this because I just wrote a post on this a couple days ago (insert shameless self promotion). I preferred TFIOS movie over the book. And maybe also The Notebook movie (because that is a CLASSIC). I also enjoyed the HP movies, and A Walk to Remember, although not more than the books.

And I Tag

You! If you want to. I know this tag has been floating around for a while so I didn’t tag anyone in particular.

Let's Chat!

Do you have any unpopular book opinions of your own? What is a book you disliked that everyone else seemed to like? Who is a popular character that you just could not get into the hype of? Do you agree with any of my unpopular opinions?

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9 thoughts on “Unpopular Book Opinions Tag

  1. Jackie @ Too Much of a Booknerd says:

    I used to love Four and Tris so much back when Dystopia was the only thing people would read but now I really couldn’t care less about them or the series in general! I actually really love Kaz because he’s so morally ambiguous but of course it’s not for everyone! And I have to agree with you on the Throne of Glass series! I’ve enjoyed SJM’s ACOTAR series but I do not care to read TOG because it doesn’t interest me at all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sydney @ Fire and Rain Books says:

      I remember when Dystopia was the only thing people read. I for one couldn’t;t care less about Dystopia, they all feel the same to me. The government is bad and not what it seems, but look, one chosen kid can save us all!
      I totally see why people love Kaz but I personally love Inej, Nina, and Jesper more.
      And of course as soon as I wrote this post about Throne of Glass I went to a Used Book Fair, saw it for a dollar, and caved. If I don’t like it, only a dollar wasted, but if I do like it, only a dollar!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Camilla @ Reader in the Attic says:

    I quite enjoyed Everything Everything too. I recognize the problematic but I reading about Madeline’s mother made me think a lot about mine… so it was kinda personal.

    I don’t like that much John Green too! Yes, I read some of his books but he is not for me.
    I’m a bit vary about Kaz, because in the end I cannot manage to like a character like him. I will try to prepare myself when I willc pick up Six of Crows

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sydney @ Fire and Rain Books says:

      Yes it definitely could be problematic and the easy way out but I still enjoy it.

      I liked Turtles but maybe it was because I am older. I bought Paper Towns because it was at a used book store so let’s see if I like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

      I can see why people like Kaz, but I don’t love him.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    I haven’t read The Selection series, but honestly it one of those series I have no real interest in picking up, and at the moment I’m unsure about Everything Everything. Maybe one day, who knows? 🙂
    I definitely agree with you about Adam, I mean, he was a good character but I was’t as much of a massive fan of him as some people out there seemed to be. I dunno maybe I missed something but given you have the same opinion possibly not.
    Oh that’s a shame about V.E. Schwab’s books, she’s one of my favourite authors, but I suppose why waste your time reading something you’re not interested in right?
    Great post, and great answers for this tag as well. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sydney @ Fire and Rain Books says:

      Yeah the selection series totally isn’t worth it.
      I mean I love Everything, Everything but it’s really up to you. Some people it’s just not for them.
      I definitely think Adam got better at the end, but I just couldn’t get into him in the first two books. But out of all the amazing characters in that series, he isn’t ranked that high.
      I don’t doubt that she’s amazing (I’ve heard great things) but as of now there are other books I want to read more. Who knows though?
      Thank you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ellyn says:

    Ahh no, you don’t like Adam from TRC! He’s my favourite because I relate to him the most because he is literally me, but male.
    Also, I am totally in support of you not reading Throne of Glass, it is terrible (that being said, I’ve only read book 1).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sydney @ Fire and Rain Books says:

      I know he’s such a fan favorite, but just not for me.
      Funny you should say that, because of course right after I wrote this post I went to a Used Book Fair and they were selling Throne of Glass for $1 and I was like might as well, it’s only a dollar. So now I do have it and am planning to read it, so we’ll see what I think.

      Liked by 1 person

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