Weekly Big Three || Week Four

Weekly Big Three

Hi guys! How has your week been? It’s almost my spring break, and I cannot be more excited! I definitely need a break from school. 

Weekly Big Three is a weekly feature created by me to feature your top three in a category. It is usually posted on Saturday. If you want to do it on your own blog, feel free to use the image I created or make your own! Just link my blog to your post so I can link your WBT to the bottom of this blog post. This week’s category is…

Top Three Children’s Books/Series

This can be anything from your favorite children’s book or series when you were a child, or your favorite now, or the most classic. Whatever you want! I’m going to focus on which were my favorite when I was a child. 

Anne of Green Gables

img_0270This series was given to me by my mom, and I loved it. I wanted to be Anne when I was a little girl. I loved her fire and kindness. I also loved Anne and Gilbert’s relationship (I was a romantic even when I was eight) and watching Anne grow up and have kids. My favorite in the series is still the first one though 🙂



The Beacon Street Girls

I was the only one of my friends who read thisbeacon street girls series, but it was my favorite. It follows five best friends in Boston on their daily activities and lives. I really became connected with these characters and felt like I was part of their friend group too. I also tried to imitate their actions because I admired them so much, haha. There were so many books in the series, and then spinoffs about one character, and I had them all.

Little House Series

little houseAnd then we come to this classic. My mom also gave me this series (they were her favorite as a girl) and I fell in love. I became so obsessed I read Laura’s entire story, and then read all the way up to her great grandmother in the spinoffs and down to her daughter. Basically, I knew her entire family history. My favorite book will always be the classic Little House in the Big Woods, but I love them all. 



A couple honorable mentions: Any book by Madeline L’Engle (both Meg and Vicky’s books) and Little Women.

And that’s my WBT this week! 

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The Scottish Librarian




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