New Month (?), New Me

Hey book lovers! Notice anything different about me? Got a haircut, bought some new clothes…maybe a new username? That’s right, I’ve decided to makeover my blog. Formally Fictional Boyfriends, I am now Fire and Rain Books. Why, you may ask?

I started off my blog thinking that I only read romance novels, so it would make sense for me to review my books based on the romance aspect of it. That was all fine for the first couple of books I read, but the more I started blogging, the more I realized that was a misconception of mine. I don’t only read romance books, and rating them on the romance was not an accurate way for me to rate my books. A couple books I read I struggled to rate, because the romance rating I had didn’t accurately reflect my enjoyment of the book. Maybe the romance was good, but I disliked the book, or vice versa. Either way, I realized that my former theme for the blog was excluding non-romance books.

So why Fire and Rain? Well, I actually have Jillian Quinn and Marie to thank for inspiration! I still wanted to keep a theme to my blog, so I started to look other people’s blogs for ideas. When I came across them, I liked how their blog theme was very inclusive to all types of books, and contrasting. “Rant” and “Rave”. “Drizzle” and “Hurricane”. All of a sudden, “Fire” and “Rain” popped into my head. Who knows why? I think it’s because it’s one of my favorite songs by James Taylor, but anyway, I started to play around with the idea and think about how it could work. And from there, Fire and Rain Books was born.

I’ll still always have a special place in my heart for my fictional boyfriends. But they aren’t the sole reason for my enjoyment of books, and I’m glad I realized this through my blogging journey. I hope you all enjoy Fire and Rain Books as much as I enjoyed discovering it for myself.


My new, updated Rating Descriptions and About Me page!

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