Book Review: Adorkable

Rating: Fire starstarstar

Adorkaadorkableble by Cookie O’Gorman was a pleasant story about two best friends falling in love. It’s perfect for a light and fun read.

Sally and Becks have been best friends since second grade, and Sally has secretly been in love with Becks since then. Little does she know that Becks has also secretly been in love with her since they were children too.

“She is my friend. 
Her name is Sal. 
I hope one day she’ll be my gal.”

I love Sally. She is the perfect blend between sassy and geeky, and is unabashedly herself. She and Becks have the absolute cutest friendship. They support each other 100%, help each other out, and can have serious talks or silly talks. I also loved Becks’ family. His brothers treated Sally like their own little sister, and all of them looked out for one another.

On the other hand, I had mixed feelings about Sally’s mom and Sally’s best girl friend, Hooker. Both of them were obsessed with setting Sally up, because a seventeen year old who doesn’t have a boyfriend is the most horrendous thing in the world. I can’t hate them too much, though, because this annoying interference in Sally’s life is actually what prompted Sally to ask Becks to be her fake boyfriend.

Now, I have a soft spot for the fake boyfriend plot line. I think it allows the “couple” to test how they would be together before they do it for real. However, throughout the whole fake couple period, where it was obvious that both Sally and Becks were in love with each other ye refused to show it, Hooker would not believe that they were together and kept setting Sally up with guys. Hooker’s excuse was that it was just too weird for two bet friends to suddenly fall in love and start dating. But as Sally’s best friend, she should not have kept setting her up with guys while she was dating somebody else, even if it was fake dating.

Ultimately, the part that always hurts the most during these fake relationships is when one of them develops (or decides to reveal) their real feelings for the other. This is always tricky, because they believe that it is all fake for the other person, so even though it is slowly becoming more obvious that the other person is in it for real too, they keep pushing the fake idea back at them. This always ends up hurting themselves and the other person. It was obvious from the start that Becks also had real feelings for Sally. There was no other reason for his brothers to bug him so much about their relationship.

Their love for each other grew out of their childhood together, all the shared memories and stories, and the complete acceptance of the other they already had. Their final coming together was just a sweet addition to the already beautiful friendship they shared.


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