Book Review: The Replacement Crush

the-replacement-crushRating: Fire starstarstarstar

The Resistance Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts is a delightful read about a fellow romance aficionado who decides to do a very unromantic thing and create a logical list of “replacement crush” targets to help her get over a messy ex. She actually inspired me to write a book blog, since she did too. Vivian is a feisty, sassy, smart, and secret nerd that is able to get you to relate to her instantly. 

“True love can’t be strategized.”

Her relationship with Dallas, the new boy helping out at her mom’s bookstore, will make you swoon. He’s thoughtful and observant, yet playful and confident, and understands her nerdy references. Their relationship is the epitome of a slow burn, since they both are madly crushing on each other yet refuse to admit it. However, when they finally do get together, it is in the most over the top, cheesy, nerdy, yet completely satisfying way possible. 

I also loved all the supporting characters in the novel, with a special soft spot for Toff. Who doesn’t love a purely platonic, best guy friend/older brother relationship? Even though their relationship is defined by easy and playful banter, when Viv truly needs it, Toff is there to back her up. Jaz and Amy are also the best girlfriends Viv ever needs, getting on her nerves in the way only best friends can. 

This book has it all: a small hometown, feisty heroine, nerdy love interest, great supporting characters, and the small geeky moments that interest our inner geek. 



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